Solumedrol IV Infusion

JD's Story

I recently had my first infusion of Solumedrol (steroids).  They gave me 3 drips consisting of 100ML to be administered daily.  The first day a nurse came to my home to insert the IV line and show me how to place the solution on the line, and the necessary steps to proper installation.  She was of great help and very patient and understanding considering the concern I had with having the IV in my arm for 3 Days

My first day was a very trying day, not sure of what to expect from the IV itself and the discomfort I may or may not feel and the side affects of the Drip solution.  Well to say the least the IV itself is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but its no where near what I thought it would be.  Occasionally I know that its there, but most of the time I don't realize its there.

My first night of sleep I thought would be much more difficult than it was.  I did wake up a few times throughout the night, but lately that seems normal for me so I was not concerned.  Otherwise I slept real well with the IV in my arm.

To help those who may not have gone through this process I have enclosed pictures of the items I have used for this process.  I hope this helps to quash any concerns. like the ones I have had.

In this first picture you can see all of the materials used, minus the IV itself, that was already in my arm when I took these pics and was covered up

In this picture you see 3 syringes and the Solumedrol Solution.  The 2 white syringes  consist of only Saline.   The yellow syringe is Heparin, this is a blood thinner that you inject into the line after you have gone through the solution in the ball so you don't have any clotting in the IV line prior to your next infusion

Below you see more pics of the same thing just separated for ease of view


This pic above is of the White syringe consisting of Saline only.  When you first inject this into the line you can feel a cool feeling as the fluid goes into your system.  Don't be alarmed by it, this is normal, and actually quite an interesting feeling,  I liked it............LOL

This picture is of the Heparin, again you have a similar feeling as the fluids go into your system, but most of this stays in the IV line so you don't have any type of clogging in the line prior to your next infusion, be it later that day or the next day like me.

Here you can see the solution ball of Solumedrol, my mix was of 100ML of which 1Gram was steroids.  This took about an hour to drain completely and so far after my infusions I luckily haven't had any side effects.  Just a weird metallic taste in my mouth and always being hungry, but the hunger part is normal for me so i am not attributing that to the steroids

Here you can see the empty solution bag.  After all is said and done the experience hasn't been all that bad.  I am glad i have gone through it and hope that it will help to alleviate or clear up my symptoms all together. 

A note to all of you who view this page and have any concerns about this process as a whole, it really isn't that bad just a bit of discomfort from time to time, but in the long run a great thing to have done to and I am glad that I have done it.